4th Graders Teach Bay Port IB English Students to Program Robots

Fourth grade students teach Bay Port kids about Dash.

Suamico 4th graders enjoyed teaching the Bay Port IB English students how to code the robot, Dash.

·  Why did you teach HS students to program robots? They were doing a project for IB English and they needed to program a robot to display their project.
·  What did you learn from this experience?  When I was teaching, I had to learn not to be so nervous when working with kids that are older than us.  We had to figure out how to be ourselves.

·  What did you teach to the HS students? I taught them how to use and program a Dash robot using a block programming code.
·  What was the biggest takeaway from this experience? I remember how neat it was to see the high school students using the robots that we had just taught them how to use.

·  What robot did you have to teach to the HS students?  How did you learn how to program that robot?  I taught them how to use a robot called Cozmo.  We first started by learning the robots ourselves – how to make it go forward, backward, right and left. Then, we had to make Cozmo do something to show what we had learned and Liam and I made a maze for Cozmo to go through.
·  What did you learn from this experience? It was cool because we got to teach high school kids how to do something that they didn’t know (but we did).  I had to learn how to just be myself.

·  Why was your experience a bit more challenging than your classmates? We had to learn a robot that we had never before – a drone.  It was like learning how to ride a bike for the first time!  Once we got going, we became the teachers.
·  What extra challenge came into your teaching day that caused some problems that you had to fix?  We had issues with the drones and about ½ of them didn’t work.  We got two drones to work that day (instead of the 10 that we brought with us).  We had to research ways to solve the problem.

·  Who were you teaching at the high school?  We were teaching high school students how to program robots.  I had to teach them Cozmo and all of the functions within that robot.
·  What was the most challenging part of the process? We didn’t know how the measurements for the different movements of Cozmo worked.  So, we had to learn that and keep trying and guessing until we understood how it worked.

·  You worked with drones…how hard was it to use a robot that flies instead of moves on the ground? It was hard because we had to figure out how the robot works – what it can actually do – before we could program it. 
·  What is one part of the programming that you learned?  We learned that to make the robot turn left, for example, we had to use a new command called “Yaw Left”. That made the robot turn in the direction that we wanted it to go.  If we programmed it to just “go left”, then it would still face in the same direction but drift to the left.  This was new for us!


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